As the oldest existing child and family centered social service agency in York County Pennsylvania, the Children's Home of York provides comprehensive, accredited, community-based services to stabilize and strengthen children and families in need.

Children's Home is a member of the Alliance for Children and Families, the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN), is certified by the Council on Accreditation (COA) for Children and Family Services and is a certified Sanctuary Program by the Sanctuary Institute of the Andrus Center for Learning and Innovation. Our agency meets the highest national standards and is committed to providing needed, quality services to children, youth, and families throughout Pennsylvania.

Children's Home of York operates a variety of programs and accepts referrals from a various sources, including: Children and Youth, MH/MR/D&A, Pennsylvania Medical Assistance (MA), Juvenile Probation, Managed Care Organizaions (MCOs), and other insurance sources as appropriate. All individuals referred to our programs must meet applicable necessity criteria, which will include an assessment of ability to engage in and benefit from the program.

To better serve our referral partner's needs, the Children's Home of York maintains a program-specific referral process. For more information on our programs, or to make a referral, please contact the program directly. For general inquiries or for assistance in which program will best serve your needs, please contact our main campus at (717) 755-1033.

Program Contact Guide

Partial Hospitalization Program
Phone: 717-718-1890
Fax: 717-718-1891

Evaluation Services
Phone: 717-755-1033 ext. 1236
Fax: 717-755-9993

Family Innovative Supportive Housing (FISH)
Phone: 717-755-1033 ext. 1111
Fax: 717-718-1890

Girls' Center RTF
Phone: 717-755-1033 ext. 1307
Fax: 717-718-9727

Independent Living at George Street
Phone: 717-846-8226
Fax: 717-718-0622

Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC)
Phone: 717-755-1033
Fax: 717-755-9993

Permanency (Foster Care and Adoption)
Phone: 717-755-1033 ext. 1222
Fax: 717-755-9993

Permanency Partners (Foster Care and Adoption)
Phone: 610-431-9933
Fax: 610-431-2587

Strengthening Families
Phone: 717-755-1033 ext. 1244
Fax: 717-755-1033

Children's Home of York is fully licensed and accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) as a provider of high quality services for children and their families.
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